What is Diabetes Type 1 – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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Diabetes type 1 is a condition that mainly occurs when the immune system attacks beta cells. Beta cells are the cells that can be found in the pancreas and they are the ones that are supposed to produce insulin by secreting hormones that do just that. The immune system, however, instead of fighting bacteria and foreign substances like viruses, start attacking these beta cells for some reason.

Now that these beta cells cannot release the insulin-producing hormones, the body has a hard time breaking down sugars. Insulin is also vital for transporting nutrients throughout the body for energy sources. The body needs these functions to be able to perform effectively and efficiently. However, this doesn’t happen to be the case with diabetes type 1.

The main problem with those suffering from type 1 diabetes is that sugar is not transported, and this can lead to starvation of the cell, causing it to not be able to perform its important functions. Besides this sugar accumulation, the body can become dehydrated as well. The amassing of sugar would cause patients to frequently urinate because the glucose would simply be lost through the kidneys instead of being transported to cells. This means that the majority of victims would lose a lot of weight since the cells have no staple carbohydrate intake.

The most life-threatening aspect is the fact that patients can develop Ketoacidosis, which is the fatal combo of dehydration, excessive sugar and large build-up of acids. The sugar that is not released in urine would continue to build up and harden the arteries in the body, which may lead to a heart attack.

There is no specific age limit to the victims of diabetes type 1. The good thing is that only a very tiny percentage of the population is actually affected by this. However, the main causes that lead to this type of diabetes are still very much unknown. The only thing that we know about the disorder is that it is an inherited disease that is genetical passes on.

Symptoms of this condition include thirstiness, frequent hunger pangs, nausea, dry mouth, abdominal pain, abrupt weight loss, tiredness, blurry vision and difficulty in breathing. If you think that you have this, go get yourself checked up. The doctor will get a urine sample to know if you have this condition.

If you have type 1 diabetes, do not fret because there are a lot of people that have this disease and still live long healthy lives, although not as comfortable as most. One would have to regularly monitor one’s own sugar levels to treat and prevent the onset of complications.

The main things to do are to keep a close watch on your diet, exercise regularly and undergo insulin therapy. The most common way to treat diabetes type 1 is through insulin injections. This is to compensate for the insulin that is not produced in the body. However, if not treated, this condition can lead to kidney failure and possible ocular complications. Do not forget the possibility of heart disease as well.

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